Dont u hate it when u dry off and add lotion but start sweating cause its so hot
ballin is my hobby
Before the pre-workout kicks in
Just ran 2.3 miles today and im beyond tired im outta shape but im 192 now ^_^
Just got out the shower my hair looking crazy but i like it i ain’t got the balls to keep it like this tho
my hair getting crazy long
oh hey ;)
so where in group meeting and one of the members talking to me i’m really typing with this face on 
in my microelectronics class not givin a fuck
four weeks left and everything is going to shit right now i just wanna smoke and drink 
Oh good night
Gonna enjoy my night
This studying shit is becoming overrated 
after trying so hard not to be here i ended up here fuck u tumblr i love you 
i should be tired but i’m feeling good